Michael Carmody (Founder and Director)

I began my working career not in the financial service industry, but in sport and recreation. I was a manager of various recreation centres around Perth. Playing cricket, time with friends was my focus for my early adult years. I did, however, save hard and was fortunate enough to live in UK for 12 months and play cricket and travel.

One thing I often tell my clients, is the only constant in life is change. This has been so true for me. Thinking that sport and recreation would be my future, I soon found myself at university again, studying teaching (best thing I ever did, as this is where I met my beautiful wife, Vanessa). I began my teaching career as a Math’s Teacher and within a very short time moved into Deputy Principal roles. With the birth of my first daughter (we have 3 daughters) another significant change happened again for me. I became interested in the financial world thinking about my daughter’s future and her education (Maybe I was a helicopter parent!) but before I knew it, I had completed my studies and became a Financial Planner.

Being a CFP is the best decision I have ever made at a career level and a personal level. I started at a bank and then quickly moved to a much larger financial advice firm where I was a Directing Partner. This was a fabulous business with fun times, however, I knew that my wife and I could create our own story (our own business). We knew it would be hard work and it would require dedication and passion, but we were up to the challenge.  We wanted a culture of not only gold standard professional service but a culture of holistic practice where we can HELP people to declutter their lives, be it financial or anything attached to their finances! I love to help people, and this is why I do what I do. I love our clients and I love what we do. I love that our clients love what we do!

Michael Carmody (Founder and Director)
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