The core of how we work with you is PARTNERSHIP. You bring us your goals, challenges and aspirations – we will bring you the right financial advice and strategies to best meet your needs.

There are two ways to view how we work with you.

Firstly, our meeting process and secondly our 5E Financial Life Planning Client Communication Process.

Meeting Process

Initial inquiry (phone, email or scheduling an appointment)

  • We will phone you (or email you if we do not have a number) for an informal hello and to capture the reason that prompted you to contact us. We can also explain what you can expect at your complimentary meeting and the opportunity to ask us any questions that will make you feel as comfortable as possible when we first meet. We may even send you some homework!

Complimentary meeting – explore

  • We sit with you to understand your current financial situation, your current needs, challenges and aspirations. You get to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.
  • We tell you about us and clearly articulate what the Viva Wealth client process looks like.
  • We can conduct a review of your overall financial health to identify where we can best help you.
  • There is no paperwork to sign or obligation to engage. We encourage you to go home and decide if Viva Wealth can help you? If the answer is yes, we move to step 3.

Research and Analysis meeting (Engage and Envision)

Exploring and Engaging with you with you more. Depending on the Client Care Service Package you opted for, there could be 1, 2 or 3 meetings at this stage. Each meeting builds on the previous and aims to establish a very clear point A in your financial journey and a very clear Point B. This may involve life-time financial modelling scenarios.

Presentation of Financial Plan Meeting Enlighten

  • Then we create the right plan for you. Your plan for success will not only provide you with strategies to best help you to get to point B, it will also provide you with a timeline, an accountability process and a direct link to your personals goals and aspirations and your ideal life. 
  • Implementation of your plan
  • Now you have a clear understanding of the strategies and are feeling confident and inspired, we commence the implementation process. Implementation is administrative tasks and legislative documentation that is required to enact a strategy, move money etc. We do this for you! The paperwork and the legal minefield is our worry not yours.

Empower Meeting

  • Remaining motivated to stay on track and ensure that you are travelling on the correct pathway. We cannot control the market forces but we can take every action to minimize the risk. We are available for those everyday decisions and have meetings available for your needs. We also conduct formal progress meeting/s each year.

5 E Financial Planning Client Communication Process that underpins our meeting process

The 5 E model is an evidence-based framework that underpins our meeting process and truly empowers our clients to be able to bring together their ‘money and life’.

Each financial planning practice will use a process to best achieve the needs of their clients. Viva Wealth leaves no stone unturned and helps you to live life by design rather than by default.

We use an evidence-based framework, we call the 5 E Model which underpins the development of your individualized financial plan. This model helps us to help you get to the heart of your needs, concerns, aspirations, and priorities and goals and to create an effective and inspiring decision-making framework.

The model creates a foundation for meaningful dialogue and a process where we as the adviser can use tools to help us ‘truly’ listen to your needs and wants.


Becoming aware of your beliefs and attitudes about money.


Creating a clear understanding of your unique motivations and enjoyments. Gathering further data and research and analyzing your financials to establish your Point A. 


Creating a vivid vision of your ideal future. Creating meaningful goals that match your current vision.


Providing a clear summary of what has been heard and presenting you with your financial plan, linking the strategies to your life goals and articulating your Point B.


Continue to refer and reflect on over the plan and ensure aaccountability and discipline to continue to achieve your financial goals and assess life transitions and the implications this may have on your goals.

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