We help many different clients and we love the variety of our clients within the Viva Community or we like to say the Viva Family! Our current clients’ experience and their feedback inspired Viva Wealth to offer a suite of Client Care Packages.

Our packages meet the needs from those starting out eg first job or just left home to everyday families and to those well into retirement and everything in between. An’ everyday family’ client may just need one piece of advice or service and another ‘every day family’ may require multiple services with a structured framework and multiple planning sessions. Our packages cater for this diversity of support too.

Maybe you are not sure what your needs are and how much help you may need, that is perfectly normal.  We encourage you to Schedule a complimentary meeting with Michael and together you can discuss the issue that has prompted you to seek advice and explore any other needs you may have. We can suggest a Client Care Package based on what we have heard you say. We will provide as much information as we can to help you form your own decision. We can even give you homework prior to your complimentary meeting to make the most of your complimentary session.


A core part of our philosophy is recognizing that every client is different, and our value lies in the ability to deliver tailored advice according to each client’s needs. Our Client Care Service Packages have been designed based on

  • client’s affordability,
  • complexity of financial issues and,
  • the number of services required to best meet your needs.

We understand that people have different needs and so we offer Client Care Packages to reflect this.

We look forward to discussing these options with you at your complimentary meeting.

Client Care Service Packages we offer.


We are a fee for service practice. Our fees vary for each client based on the amount of work and complexity of their situation. We provide a variety of different Client Care Package options to cater for all needs.


As a holistic Financial Planning practice, we have developed a reputation for advising on all aspects of financial advice. We offer a suite of expert services and knowledge to help create that perfect financial plan! The services you choose and what we deliver will be tailored to your needs and goals.

Superannuation advice and strategy:

Cashflow and Budgeting

Investment advice and strategy

Personal Insurance and strategy advice (Life Insurance, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection and child trauma)

Debt management and reduction

Tax Planning

Tax Minimization Strategies

Risk Tolerance

Retirement Planning

Retirement Income Stream (superannuation pension)

Estate Planning

Lifetime Financial modeling – lifetime projections

SMSF advice

Centrelink Recipient

Salary Sacrifice


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