We like to have an informal conversation on the phone with you before your complementary meeting. If you book through our website or via email, we will phone you and discuss this with you. We do have some simple yet excellent tools that we can send to you as homework and you can return them to us prior to our first meeting. Having this information allows us to best prepare for you and to make the most of your time. Any other supporting documentation such as superannuation statements, bank loans, budget information, tax returns can be helpful but not a necessity.

Your first meeting may take up to two hours. It is important that we address your goals, concerns and aspirations as part of understanding your financial situation. It is also equally important you have the time to get to know us and see if we are good fit for you.

Absolutely nil! The only cost is your time and we like to think of this as an investment. Even if we are not the right fit for you, we are confident you will gain new knowledge and insight about your goals and financial situation just by sitting and talking with us.

Absolutely not! In fact, we encourage you to go home and discuss the meeting with your partner or a trusted person in your life. You may wish to call us and ask further questions. We may also be required to carry out some research on your behalf to better understand your situation. We will contact you with a client engagement agreement outlining our services and fees and you can choose to engage or not.

Our cost will vary for each client based on the amount of work, the client’s needs and the complexity of their situation. 

We are a fee for service practice – we will provide you with a cost once we know, and more importantly, you know your own needs.

We will be very transparent with all costs after during  your  complimentary meeting. There will be no hidden or undisclosed fees/costs at any stage throughout your financial planning process.

Yes, there is plenty of parking in the area, our clients have never expressed a concern.


This is a great question! Most people do not know the answer to this. In fact, 8 out of 10 Australians do not seek professional financial help even though 75% of Australians are stressed about money and 1 in 4 have difficulty sleeping due to financial worry (core data survey). Many people think they can not afford a financial planner and the cost of one is a luxury or that their level of wealth doesn’t deserve one.

Interestingly, those that do you use a financial planner (Swab’s Modern Wealth index 2018) have a better daily money management. Those that do have a plan (irrespective of socioeconomic levels) are highly more successful across 4 key areas of financial discipline 1) goal setting and planning 2) saving and investing 3) staying on track and 4) confidence in reaching their financial goals. On a positive note, the number of people beginning to realize the need for investing in a financial planner is on a steep rise thanks to the millennials. They realize that modern wealth is not all about the money but living stress free and with peace of mind – having a plan from the outset and managing this plan over time to achieve short term and long term goals.

To ensure peace of mind and living your stress free life we are not just an adviser with financial knowledge – we are highly skilled in 5 key areas.

  • Coach – tracking your journey through a disciplined approach and inbuilt accountability markers
  • Adviser– interpreting complex issues and industry jargon into simple language and developing a strategic solution for maximum benefit.
  • Mentor – Educate and communicate solutions and outcomes and government changes
  • Project manager – to organize and sort your financial life. We can link with other professionals in your life eg accountant, laywers.
  • Danger Director – we Stop you from making mistakes! We help to mitigate risk!

We love to help you keep your money in perspective. We love this quote from 1889 by George Horace Lorimer, the Editor in Chief of the Saturday Evening Post:

It’s good to have money, and the things that money can buy, it’s good, too, to check in once in a while, and be sure you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy.

We absolutely can! We are skilled in online conversations. If this works best for you then we can provide you with this option.

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