Stage 1:
Establishing Your Financial Roadmap

First job, moved out of home for the first time, moved in with your partner or even having to start all over, through divorce or financial loss. Considering the best way to get started and to stay motivated and stay on track? Developing and understanding the basics of creating wealth and starting a journey. Developing a budget that is sustainable and instilling discipline into your financial habits. We can help.

Stage 2:
Building Wealth

Are you wanting to seek ways to increase your wealth portfolio? Buying a new house, looking for investment options, savings plan, debt reduction, taxation strategies.  There are many options to consider and many options that can work well together. Developing your financial literacy is also important when it comes to making decisions about your future. Financial Modelling scenarios to see how much you need to earn and over what time to achieve your goals. Understand budgeting and cashflow and effective strategies that really work. We can help.

Stage 3:
Managing Your Wealth

You have been on the pathway to building your wealth – you may need to plan for transitions so as not reduce your wealth. Transitions may be private education costs, ageing parents, reduction or increase in income, inheritance, downsizing or upsizing, poor health. Financial modelling scenarios are an effective way to visualize your future and manage your goals. We can help.

Stage 4:
Protecting Your Wealth

Working hard and having a financial plan unfortunately does not protect our wealth. Do you have personal insurance? If you have it, do you still need to have it? Do you need a review around fees or a consideration of the benefits? Do you need to establish a plan to protect your income and your family?  We can help.

Stage 5:

Are you Pre-Retirement and starting to get excited about what retirement may mean to you? Are you unsure of how much you need to retire? How much longer you need to work? Have you had a financial modelling to project this for you? What age can I retire? Can I work part time during my retirement? We can help.

Stage 6:
Perfect Retirement

Your perfect retirement. What does this look like for you? Have you mapped out your goals and aspirations with your financial situation? Do you understand how a retirement income stream can benefit you?  We can help.

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